Boilers benefit greatly from having an annual service but does it really matter when that takes place as long as it’s every year? 


From a functional point of view, it doesn’t really, however there are benefits in terms of convenience and cost that might just persuade you it’s worth moving your boiler service into the summer months.


Few people question when the boiler service takes place, it’s often around the time of the year that it was originally installed or perhaps on the anniversary of a previous breakdown when a full service may have been necessary or the start of some kind of home cover policy you’ve had in the past. To comply with any warranty you do need to ensure that it doesn’t go longer than a year but other than that you are free to have it serviced whenever you like.


Here are a few reasons why it might be better to have that done in the summer:


It’s cheaper!


It makes sure your boiler is ready for winter

Cold weather and turning the heating back on after being off for the summer are when most boiler problems occur. By having it serviced in the summer it should be good-to-go when you turn your heating on for the winter.


It’s more convenient

Not only are you going to be able to pick and choose the best date for you, because engineers aren’t as busy, if there is an issue that needs fixing it’s much less disruptive to have that done when you’re not reliant on the heating as you would be in the winter.


It’s nowhere near Christmas!

While a boiler service is necessary, nobody really enjoys paying out for it but it’s even less welcome around Christmas, or in the New Year, when every penny counts! Having it done in the summer keeps the expense nicely away from the most costly time of year.

Obviously if you only had your boiler serviced in February (for example) it’s going to cost you more that year to have it serviced again in August but you only have to take the hit once and then you can take advantage of the benefits of summer servicing every year.


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