When it comes to heat pumps, there are many misconceptions around the age, size and style of property that can be heated using this technology. The great news is that any property can be heated by a heat pump – either air source or ground source.

Keeping a building warm is simply a matter of matching the energy that escapes with sufficient energy going in. As heat pumps can be sized to almost any level, any building can be heated using a heat pump system. The project will require the heat emitters (radiators) in any room to be sized correctly in order for the system to work effectively, but this will be done as part of the system design.

EPCs and insulation

In addition, it’s also good to know that low EPC ratings and levels of insulation are not a barrier to a heat pump installation. Again, it is simply a question of the installer specifying a heat pump system with a correctly sized heat pump and heat emitters, which will heat the property to the required temperature, while matching the energy input needed with the energy loss.

Period properties

Heat pumps are perfectly suited to period properties. These systems work at their most effective rate when they provide steady state low level heating, meaning that you can leave them on to maintain a lovely warm home while still achieving significantly low energy bills. Older properties in particular can benefit from this sort of warmth and a consistent temperature also helps to maintain the condition of your property and your possessions inside it.

Sitting pretty

Another great benefit of a ground source heat pump system is that, once installed, you can’t actually see it, meaning that stunning homes and workplaces aren’t impaired by having a new heating system installed which requires something like an oil tank to store fuel. Heat pumps can be put in without impacting the visual appearance of the property, with the ground loop simply running underneath a lawn or driveway.

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