Even a 1-degree reduction in your room temperature could mean significant annual savings on your fuel bill. There are a number of small hacks and tricks that you can use to reduce your energy bill, reduce the amount of time you spend actively heating your home with your heating system, and ultimately make you more comfortable during those icy winter months.


  1. Use radiator reflectors

These are available in most hardware shops and are designed to bounce heat back into the room, maximising every degree of heat produced by your boiler.


  1. Close your curtains

Windows are one of the biggest areas where heat escapes your home, especially when they are not double or triple-glazed. By closing your curtains, you add an additional barrier that keeps heat in and the cold out.


  1. Wrap up with appropriate clothing

This seems obvious, but simply by wearing an extra layer or two, you can reduce the amount of heat needed to reach comfort in your home and save yourself some money in the long run.


  1. Keep doors closed between rooms

Many rooms might not need to be actively heated, such as landings or hallways, and they won’t have a radiator in there themselves. By leaving doors open, you allow heating to spread throughout your home, reducing the effect in the room you’re actually trying to warm up. Furthermore, if you have thermostatic radiator valves, make sure you turn them down or off in rooms that don’t get regular use.


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