There are so many great reasons to replace your oil or gas boiler, or indeed electric storage heating, with a heat pump system. Heat pumps can be fitted in properties during the construction stage or any number of years afterwards (known as retrofit), and they are ideal for homes or businesses of any size.

  • Reduce your heating bills

Heat pumps are highly efficient so you’ll use less energy to heat your home, making your heating bills cheaper.  On average, for every 1kW of electricity used, an air source heat pump will generate 3.5kW of heat. Ground source heat pumps are even more efficient and will generate 4kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity used.

A ground source heat pump will typically cut your heating bills by 30 – 40% compared to an oil boiler, by 10 – 20% compared to gas and by as much as 75% compared to electric heating.

  • Cut your carbon footprint

By choosing a heat pump, you will be doing your bit to cut your carbon emissions and help tackle climate change. Heat pumps are a renewable technology and produce no carbon at source. They provide clean, green heating for all manner of property types, ages and sizes, and work efficiently even if there are low levels of insulation. The technology can also be used to provide passive cooling in some installations too!

  • Enjoy hassle-free heating

Heat pumps work best when they run on long cycles so you can simply set your thermostat and then leave the heat pump to ensure your home or business stays constantly at the right temperature. No need to ever run any timers or come home to a cold property, it will be efficiently and well heated all day long, all year round.

An air source heat pump will last for around 15 years – twice as long as the average lifespan of a gas boiler. Ground source heat pumps last even longer – around 30 years.

The system doesn’t use any kind of combustion and so not only is it cleaner to run, but it is also much easier to maintain. A quick service once a year should be all you need.

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